We BELIEVE WE have a
to TEACH CHILDREN what they

Most children in the United States of America do not feel that they are included in the American Dream, nor do they understand the concept of this being the "Land of Opportunity". Foreigners have a better chance of becoming wealthy in our country than inner city children born here do! It is not a lack of natural ability - it is because they are growing up in a cycle of dependency, not self-sufficiency. Changes in our culture over the last 50 years are why we have increased school shootings, gangs, and violence.


Initially, the plan is to supplement public education in the areas that are not being taught well (or at all) such as:

1. Faith-based principles
2. Self-governance
3. How to handle money
4. Entrepreneurship
5. Logical reasoning
6. Math, science, and language
7. Ethics, morals and values
8. Respect for others and self


As BestHope4US develops, we plan to have centralized and/or decentralized schools for full K-12 education. There will be varying levels of certificates and degrees. The lowest level would be for students who complete a condensed version of the program while obtaining a High School degree elsewhere. The certificates and degrees will let employers know the students have achieved a high level of education.